Bushcraft Courses Uk
Bushcraft Courses Uk


Bushcraft Courses Uk Bushcraft Courses Uk

Learn Survival In The Wild with our Survival Course

Join us at our woodlands in Oxfordshire or Derbyshire for several exciting three-day Bushcraft courses UK customers can enjoy. Woodland Ways Bushcraft Courses in the UK, present a variety of materials covering subjects such as Remote Emergency Care, Crafts, Flintknapping, Tracking and our most popular intermediate bushcraft courses on survival.

Woodland Ways and Training Expertise have cooperated in presenting Bushcraft Courses (UK) on Remote Emergency Care, offering a Level 2 certificate. This entry level 1st aid bushcraft course is as realistic as it can get without actual casualties. Addressing probable emergency situations in the wild, our Bushcraft Courses UK - based operation fulfills the training requirements of the major outdoor National Governing Bodies for First Aid (MLTUK, BCU). Upon its completion, the student will receive a certificate valid for two years and certified by Remote Emergency Care.

The Woodland Ways Weekend is one of our most popular courses. It's a great starter course for beginners and is also relevant for those who have had some outdoor experience. Bushcraft Courses (UK-based) provide instruction in basic and intermediate survival topics including making fires, shelters and preparing food. The Woodland Crafts Weekend is another favourite among Bushcraft Courses UK customers where we will teach you how to make a variety of useful goods by hand using only natural materials including willow and hedgerow materials.

Another favourite of our renowned Bushcraft Courses UK residents can enjoy is flintknapping. This is a weekend course demonstrating the ways in which our prehistoric ancestors made their tools from flint. You'll make a variety of tools without using modern equipment. The Tracking Weekend is another among our popular Bushcraft Courses UK residents can enjoy, intended to help you develop a skill in understanding animal tracks.


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Free Bushcraft Courses Uk tips article. FREE BUSHCRAFT TIPS: Method of ignition using chemicals

Potassium permanganate - your trusty survival friend. This substance has many uses, from water purification, for treatment of certain skin problems, to fire lighting; and we would recommend that this is carried in your survival kit all the time.

To make fire using this substance all you need to do is place a small amount onto a flat surface (say a split log), mixed with sugar. You only need about 1 part sugar to 9 parts potassium. It's simply then a case of pushing down and twisting onto the pile using a thumb thick wooden drill to cause the substance to ignite.

As a word of caution there are a number of precautions you should take when using potassium permanganate, and we would not recommend you try this until you have had training with a qualified survival instructor. Chemicals are dangerous and should be given the respect they deserve.

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Bushcraft Courses Uk